There’s no denying that drapery adds the perfect finishing touch to a room with custom window treatments, but it doesn’t have to stop there. While most blinds and shades filter light, sometimes you want the option to block it out completely. Blackout draperies to the rescue! These room darkening draperies are an ultimate choice to make your home feel nice and cozy, but that’s not all these drapes can add to your home for comfort.

Here are three ways blackout fabrics do a lot more than simply spruce up your décor.

Sleep Better

Nobody needs to be jolted awake by a ray of sunlight beaming directly into your eyes – Monday comes quickly enough on its own . Why force yourself to wake up early after a hard week at work? Allow yourself to sleep in by installing blackout curtains in your bedroom. Not only will they stop sunlight from ruining your weekend, but they’ll also help keep the heat out, and insulate against the cold. Nothing is more comfortable than a cool, dark bedroom. Blackout draperies can also be especially useful in a nursery room to encourage a longer and better sleep for baby. And with a baton draw, these are child safe and maintenance free. Think of your favorite Marriott – we can duplicate the performance with designer residential fabrics and decorative rodding.

Block Light

Blackout fabrics are much better at blocking light than normal materials. While most window treatments will still allow some light to bleed in through the sides, curtains are designed to cover your entire window. That means no seepage and the ability to block up to 99% of incoming light. Your room remains darker, but it also prevents harmful UV rays from entering through your windows. No UV rays means your furniture will be safe from sun damage and the glare will be gone from your television screen. This feature is essential in home theaters and media rooms.

Save Money

Introducing blackout curtains to your home can also save you money on your energy bills. Drapery acts as an extra layer of insulation for your windows, which will help regulate the temperature in your home. This will save you big bucks on heating and cooling costs throughout the year. It’s like putting a down jacket on your window in the winter and an umbrella over it in the summer. Research shows that adding insulated drapery to a double paned window can reduce heat loss in your home by up to 46%. An early investment in these impressive window treatments could save you money year-round!

Now you all know that drapery can do more than contribute depth and design to your windows. Blackout curtains give you an extra layer of privacy, but also make your home more energy efficient. Not to mention, they’re a perfect addition to media rooms, bedrooms, nurseries or anywhere else in your home where you would enjoy complete darkness. These draperies are especially useful if you combine them with a light filtering shade, which will give you total control over how much light enters each room. Make your window treatments do more than just look beautiful with a blackout liner. As much as I love light streaming in through the windows, know how to use these tricks for easy living.

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