In the past few years there have been so many and exciting product developments in window coverings! We want to keep you informed and constantly in the know of what’s hot with the latest developments. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite window covering innovations.

#1 Safety First!

It’s important to not only have your window treatments look great, but to be safe too. Child safety is critical to us. That’s why we have new products that deliver the same quality we want for our own families. Cordless options are now the standard and wire-free motorization now allows simple, reliable and economical control over shades and blinds.

#2 Finally! The patio door privacy solution

We have installed what seems like thousands of vertical blinds on patio doors since 1979. While we still love a vertical for the functionality and value, we also love the vertical cellular even more! A simple manual draw slides the shade closed and provides instant privacy, light control and insulation. There is very little to break and with a lifetime warranty, it is likely the last shade you’ll ever need for the hard to fit sliding glass door. Shutters and roller shades also provide a great option – we are happy to show all the features of these innovative products you won’t find in the big box!

#3 Track Glide System – Conquering Tilt-Turn Windows and French Doors

Not all window treatments are created equal, and that’s especially true for tilt-turn windows and French doors. It can be tricky to find the correct shades to accommodate such a unique design. With the Track Glide System, those worries are a thing of the past. With its simplistic design adhering to the window’s frame, as close to the glass without being directly attached, the functionality exceeds expectations. Magnets now replace screws to anchor your shades for a movable door and light block side channels provide a finished, custom easy to live with solution.

#4 Light Lock for Uninterrupted Slumber

The Shade and shutter Shop can offer 100% darkness! Side channels are installed right onto the window frame so there won’t be any light sneaking through. Lay your head down at night, without the distraction of any outside disturbances. Enjoying a film in the middle of the day with movie theatre quality, is no problem with LightLock window covering innovations. Roller and cellular shades are designed with this in mind. Reduce light, cut glare, retain heat.

#5 Keeping the Control – Motorized Shades

From just one app you can control lighting, fans, and our favorite; shades, all from your fingertips. Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Alexa–you are in control, creating comfort and ease of living, no matter where you are. Wake in the morning and raise the shades with one touch. New motorization features a rechargeable battery (truly – a 4 hour charge every six months!) making it more reliable and affordable than ever to have a wireless home. These systems are quiet, reliable and quickly becoming a standard for discerning clients.

Designer Banded Shades – A Crowd Pleaser

These shades are impressive in their design and functionality. Twist one rotation, and your soft, filtered light can turn into privacy & darkness. Offering varying patterns from geometric to solids and slight textures, they are worth checking out.

Do You Have A Favorite Window Covering Innovations?

With this list of new announcements and innovations it’s hard to pick just one favorite. Lucky for you, you don’t have to! Stop by one of our showrooms or contact our team for your FREE in-home design consultation today to look at your options.

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